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WherAbouts Track

Aims to create a safer world for children by the most technologically advanced kid tracking solution. It’s a solution to keep a tab on your children when they are away in school. When a child gets out of the safe zone, WherAbouts Track steps in and helps you keep one step ahead of them by alerting you. WherAbouts Track includes a GPS+GSM+BLE based Device, a Web and a Smartphone App that enables continuous monitoring of your child in real time and provide alerts at unexpected changes. With WherAbouts Track, you can finally give your children the freedom they need while keeping your peace of mind.


WherAbouts Track - Beta

Currently this product is in beta. We are working on it to make it more efficient and affordable.


Smart Auto Fencing
Outdoor Tracking
Indoor Tracking
Smart Alerting
Travel Tracking and Monitoring
Historical Data Analysis
Badge Removal Alert
Wandering Alert
Week long Battery Life
Low Battery Alert

Key Features

  • Smart Auto Fencing - No need to configure!! With the school timetable and travel details each and every detailing of the kid locations, safe zones, unsafe zones are auto mapped. Its auto configured from the location of Bus Stop, Classrooms, Common Area and Amenities based on time.
  • Outdoor Tracking - Best in class GPS is use to track the location of the kid from time to time, When waiting for bus, during travel, Out of safe zones, In Danger and Unknown locations. These locations are sent to servers from time to time for further analysis.
  • Indoor Tracking - GPS doesn’t work in inside school buildings, So we have devised our own Indoor Positioning system which can pinpoint the kids location inside the school as well.
  • Smart Alerting- No need to continuously monitor your kids, We will alert you only when there is abnormalities. We process the data and determine if the location is safe and where the kid was intent to be.

WherAbouts ERP

User Friendly, most trusted and cost-effective School ERP Solution.



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